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Why Altia Technology

Prevention is always better than cure and with this in perspective; we offer products and solutions that act as deterrents to any attempt on life or property of individuals and commercial organizations. Hundreds of long standing customers trust. You too can. Implicitly. Start today and make life and property absolutely secure.

  • • There is no denying that criminals are finding out ways to circumvent traditional security systems. Altia Technology keeps tabs on their methodologies and introduces systems that are not vulnerable. Our security products and systems are one step ahead of sophisticated techniques that might be employed to circumvent security.
  • • Altia Technology provides full consultations, analysis and then recommendations of a bouquet of systems customized to the needs of a client, even anticipating future requirements. Our solutions are modular and scalable.
  • • In a price sensitive market like India the prime necessity is to offer affordable yet highly effective products that are also easy to service and maintain. Our range of products satisfies these parameters.
  • • Altia Technology adapts a No Compromise approach to security. There can be no cutting corners when security is at stake.
  • • Our technical team excels in smooth integration of diverse products into one, unified solution that is not only highly effective but also easy to use and maintain.
  • • Selling products and services is one thing; providing backup support and maintenance to ensure these keep working 24x7 is another. We excel at both.
  • • You will find us friendly, supportive and helpful at all times. We do believe in building long term relationships.

  • Indoor Lights (LED Bulb | Panel | Tube)

    Altia Technology offers a range of indoor lights in various fixtures types, wattages, color temperature and light spread.

    Outdoor Lights (LED & Halogen)

    Altia Technology offers a range of outdoor lights with rugged, industrial grade, weather-resistant fixtures.

  • Analog CCTV Camera

    Altia Technology has the most comprehensive range of analog CCTV cameras ranging from the simplest, standard resolution.

    Digital / IP CCTV Camera

    Digital CCTV Cameras have nearly the same physical appearance and make up like analog but differ in that they output digital video.

Our Advantages

We protect your promises that matters you most.

We are one of the leading 360* safety solutions provider in India and worldwide. Altia Technology get assured its customers in the point of safety and security, our expert team customize solution as per user need and always aim protecting life and property.