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  • Indoor Lights (LED Bulb | Panel | Tube)

    Altia Technology offers a range of indoor lights in various fixtures types, wattages, color temperature and light spread.

    Outdoor Lights (LED & Halogen)

    Altia Technology offers a range of outdoor lights with rugged, industrial grade, weather-resistant fixtures.

  • Analog CCTV Camera

    Altia Technology has the most comprehensive range of analog CCTV cameras ranging from the simplest, standard resolution.

    Digital / IP CCTV Camera

    Digital CCTV Cameras have nearly the same physical appearance and make up like analog but differ in that they output digital video.


Altia Technology - security camera

Welcome to Altia Technology the home of security devices and solutions. From simple yet effective home security solutions for homes to sophisticated, networked, remotely controlled security systems for commercial purposes, we offer everything in a customized turnkey package for best ROIs and ease of use.True to our name we look into the future and provide tomorrows solutions today. We started on a muted note catering to security requirements of individuals and commercial premises.

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From simple to sophisticated, you will find the entire range of advanced security, surveillance and prevention systems right here.

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